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Phifer Lead Generation

Phifer is a USA based company. They choose us their Digital partner for their Indian market. Their product and their vision was completely different from other companies. At the first month, we faced many marketing challenges to satisfy there needs. But we came up with many ideas and strategy to increase the lead flow every day. It was very good learning for us in terms of problem-solving. We almost worked like a weighing scale in order to keep both the cost per lead and lead quality balanced through the campaign. But you know what we finally achieved it.

Lead cost

The first month went well and we understood the product very well. But the problem is the audience, the action ratio was completely different in the second month, as we switched the marketing platforms. We were at the crucial stage of figuring out the reason in order to get out of the Bad nightmare. But it was very challenging

A Sudden Spark

After analyzing the various targeting strategy and creatives, we finally found the one which works for them. It was like after several hours of analysis and discussion on one fine day night at 9 pm we found the reason and started implementing our new though. That worked well and things are back to normal. Which means we hear beat is back to normal.


We started getting some good reviews from the clients. But still we face issues now and then, but we wipe them out with our new strategy. The utmost priority of our company is to make our clients happy, by delivering what they expect.

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