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seo case study

Hearing Aid Centre

The client requirement is to get the website ranked at the top of Google. We created a strategy to rank it higher than the competitors, in order to ring more traffic and increase sales. It took almost 4 months for us to bring it in the first page, then we started focusing more on the quality links and content. This made the website to rank at the top 3 positions in a month time.

After consistent work we delivered the right result, we ranked it at the first position within an overall time period of 6 months.

Ranking Fluctuation

Due to some Google update, we experienced some fluctuation in the ranking. This is a usual things which happens in SEO when there is a change in Algorithm. We explained this situation to the client, inorder to avoid disappointment of getting ranked soon. Because at that time we ranked in the first page, due to this fluctuation our position changed and we were at the 3 page of Google.

Solution Found

After understanding the algorithm update we started making some technical changes in our client website to get out of the fluctuation. This become a challenge for our team, but we faced everything with confidence. After a week we kickstarted the backlink process along with some changes in the backlink strategy and started generating some social traffic to the website. Within few weeks the site started getting back to its old position, that means on the first page. Then we started improving the position further and ranked at the top of SERP.

We Reached

As we promised we ranked the website in top 3 positions with in a period of 6 months

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